Membership Terms of Service & Disclaimers

Terms & Conditions

Advertising, Mentions and Product/Service Plugs

Not allowed.

There will be areas of the forum and community for suggestions of good books, music and the like. But no plugging of yourself, your services, services offered by other people, products made by others, and the like. It is all unacceptable. They will be taken down once found. If you post like this more than once you will forfeit your membership without a refund.

Please respect my website and blog. This is not the place to plug and/or promote yourself and it is not the place for advertising yourself or others. Thank you.

A directory of trusted intuitives and the like is something I am working on as well. If you want to contact me about applying for the directory you can do so here. If you want to officially advertise here, feature an article or something else (no adult content) please contact me here.

Refunds & Subscriptions

Refunds cannot be given, for any reason, once a payment has been completed. If you cancel your subscription before the billing cycle starts again, you may be able to stop the payment before it comes out again.

It is YOUR responsibility to cancel subscriptions. I cannot unsubscribe you.

You may cancel your subscription any time.

You may restart your subscription at any time.

Published Texts & All Content:

All information, pdf’s, posts, etc. on this website/blog are the property of Jessica Caracciolo and are NOT to be reproduced, shared online, emailed to others, posted online, duplicated, mentioned or published elsewhere without Jess’s written consent.  To contact Jess please go here.

Failure to comply with the above statement regarding rights of publication and text will first result in a written Cease and Desist Letter from an attorney representing Jessica and her website/blog. If failure to comply after the Cease and Desist Letter warning occurs, further legal action will be taken.

Community & Forum Guidelines

Keep it positive, supportive, peaceful and helpful. Remember – no plugs, advertising, etc. please.

I have a NO TOLERANCE policy and I reserve the right to take memberships away (you forfeit your membership and any fees paid) if you fail to comply with Community and Forum Guidelines.

Please keep it SAFE. Do not share phone numbers, addresses and the like.

Chances are you already know what is acceptable and what isn’t but if you need it spelled out for you here it is.


  • Discrimination
  • Foul language (swears, derogatory remarks and/or language, etc.)
  • Putting people down
  • Trolling of any kind
  • Hating of any kind (I know Taylor Swift said “Haters gonna hate” but you aren’t going to hate here.)
  • Anything negative really
  • Please do not link to videos or any streamed media unless it has been approved first. You can contact me here.
  • Please do not harass anyone on here either.
  • This is not a dating community.
  • And, as mentioned above, no advertisements, plugs, plugging, mentioning, linking, links, or promoting of any kind unless prior consent from Jess has been given in writing.
  • Lastly, no adult content – pictures, audio, video, etc.

I reserve the right to cancel any membership I see as not a good fit with the community for any reason. If your membership is cancelled you will receive a notice as to why it was cancelled. If memberships are cancelled, for any reason, all money paid will be forfeited.

Keep it clean, safe, positive and helpful.

If you have questions – feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

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