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Basil The Cat – A Short Story

Basil The Cat – A Short Story
By Jessica Caracciolo 11/06/16
(A writing assignment for Creative Writing The Craft of Character.)

Walking with curiosity throughout the apartment, Basil was wondering if anyone was home. He sat on the edge of the couch looking through the window, tail moving side to side. “Hmm… no people in sight.”

He got up, turned around, and jumped off the sofa. It was at that moment he heard people just outside the door so he sat and waited. His excitement started to build, heart rate increasing, eyes wide, and the door knob clicked and turned. “They’re home!” He ran behind Justine as she greeted him walking toward the kitchen. “You are so going to love what I got you at the grocery store Basil!”

She placed the grocery bags on the kitchen counter and Bill walked in a few minutes behind her. “Hey honey, did you find Basil’s new toy in the bags?”

Basil looked at both of them, moving his head to look at Justine, and then to Bill – more excitement building. He didn’t know what they had for him, but the vibe made him think it was something really good.

He sat patiently as Justine and Bill looked through their grocery bags. And just as Bill was finished unloading all but one of the bags, he pulled out a new toy.

Basil looked up with wide eyes, sprang up, and went over to Bill, rubbing his face and body all over Bill’s ankles.

Bill put the toy in the living room, hanging it from a side table.

Basil walked with caution over to the toy that was hanging from the side table. When he gently, and sneakily nudged the mouse at the end of the string, he quickly reacted. He retreated to the nearby sofa and hid while glancing over at his new toy.

Justine and Bill watched from the kitchen. “Are you sure he is going to like his toy?” asked Bill. “I am sure of it. Just give him a few minutes. It usually takes him some time to get used to new toys and then he will play with it for hours a day.” She assured Bill.

Bill and Justine then started prepping groceries for dinner. The opening of a can of food is heard and Basil came running out from behind the sofa. “Sweet! Dinner time. I wonder which flavor I am getting today.”

He sat next to his food, licked and tasted it. “Tuna and cheese my favorite. She knows me so well.”

After eating some of his food, Basil drank some water and ran back into the living room and stopped two feet away from the new toy. He then slowly crawled back next to the sofa to observe his new toy.

Well into cooking their dinner “Are you sure he likes that toy? I am not so certain.” asked Bill. “Don’t worry about it. I know you are still new with Basil, but trust me, he is going to love it.” She smiled.

While eating dinner, they heard a loud noise. They both got up to find Basil looking guilty, hiding behind the television, the side table now moved and was right against the wall. “Basil?” She nodded.

They then continued eating dinner and heard more noise coming from the living room. Quietly, they both got up and peeked in at Basil. He was crouched down next to the sofa, wiggling his bum, and then they saw it. Basil was stalking the new toy and pounced on it.

Basil was playing with his new toy, swatting at the mouse on the end of the string, trying to bite it, swatting more -biting it. He then swatted at the mouse so hard it swung tapping him in his bum. Startled, he ran with great speed to the other end of the living room. Justine and Bill laughing: “you were totally right about the toy. He loves it.”

Basil went back into the living room, again stalking the toy mouse from afar. “I’m going to get you this time.” He runs toward the mouse, swatting at it with great speed, on his back tummy up swatting the mouse. He pauses abruptly to clean himself. Then he starts playing with, and chasing his tail. He runs away again with great speed only to come back two minutes later.

Bill and Justine walked into the living room, sitting together sifting through the TV guide. “I love being a part of your family. I love you and Basil so much.”

“I love you too Bill, we both do.”

Taking a break from playing Basil jumps up on the couch and sits on Bills lap. “Hey! He has never done this before with me.” Gleaming at each other with great joy Bill pets Basil.

They decide which show to watch and Basil purrs with great happiness and contentment. He then gets up and walks over to the other side of the couch, paws at the sofa cushion and curls up into a ball and takes a nap.

Both Bill and Justine smile at each other looking over at Basil. Then they settle in and start watching their television show.