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Why Restrict Certain Posts to Memberships?

In life there are usually reasons for everything.

This situation is no different and I wanted to explain my reasoning to you all.

Back in 2012/2013 when I had a lot of followers, I also had some haters. People who were making fun of me online, calling me a fraud, posting how ONE of my predictions didn’t happen (one out of over 300) and I couldn’t handle it. It was pretty awful.

Since then I have tried to decide whether or not to have a blog at all. I have started one and then stopped it and ran away a couple of times. Knowing intuitively that I need to put my stuff out there (because I feel I need to) I couldn’t think of the best way to do that.

I needed to have some control over certain content. 

So my idea was to make predictions/premonitions and intuitive based posts part of a membership. You pay a small fee every month around $20 (the number you guys decided on when you filled out my survey a few months ago) and not only do you get to read everything, you also get the ability to be part of forums/community, and so much more. Other content – like meditations, prayers, things about my life, etc. Basically everything you guys requested of me in the survey and for the price you specified.

In a nutshell, the only way I am comfortable posting online like this, is if I have some control over it. When you sign up for memberships, or maybe even buy the post (here); then I can see who is buying it, reading it, etc. and I will know these things that I wouldn’t know if it was just “out there”.

You are given a few sentences for free to see if you want to read it or not. (Like a sneak peek.) But otherwise this is the only way I am comfortable making this happen.

With memberships you can start and cancel them all you want. No restrictions. But once a payment has been processed it cannot be refunded. Thus making it so you cannot buy it, read what you want and then 5 minutes later get your money back. It doesn’t work that way.

I hope, if you want to read the content, that you will consider doing so. Being part of the community, etc. I plan on posting a LOT more once people start signing up.

And I have a lot more in the works too. If you have questions, feel free to reach out. I just started “pay per post” so you can literally just read the one thing you want to read for a small fee. The fee is based on word count.

Thanks guys!