Together We Stand – As A World #NotOurPresident

The last couple of days I have felt a number of things… sad, like I was in mourning (not for myself but for the world), and overall completely baffled. After keeping a close eye on the news, I can see that I am by no means alone in this.

I didn’t post political stuff on here because I felt like it wasn’t necessary. We all have our own individual views and I am open and accepting of that (to a degree), so I kept it quiet.

Well, not anymore. I am having another “f- it” moment where I am feeling open to just speaking my peace.

I went to bed on Tuesday night in great fear that Donald Trump was going to win but I had hope that Hillary would win. However I was feeling down about it already and it was only around 11:00pm. It was as if I knew something wasn’t feeling right and it was at 4:00am I woke up and with hesitation used my phone to check and there it was… Trump won.

Then I fell back to sleep and I did not sleep well.

See, my feeling on this whole thing is that neither candidate is perfect. No one is. Everyone has their problems, things they “should” or “shouldn’t” have done, etc. and you just won’t find anyone out there who is the “perfect person”. BUT this whole time leaked crap has been coming out about both candidates and I have to say it – Trump is the worst and has been the worst candidate from the beginning.

Why? I think that because of how he has treated women, his thoughts about women, how he presents himself and acts when under pressure, how he presented himself during the debates, how totally unprepared he was for the debates, how he thinks things like the election – are rigged against him, how he dislikes anyone that is from another country or of a different ethnicity, and how he wants to bomb or nuke everyone who he doesn’t like, and how he has some weird love for Russia and Putin, and how he doesn’t have a plan for anything he says he is going to do, and how he thinks we should be doing things here in the USA when he himself outsources labor to other countries, and so much more.

No, Hillary isn’t perfect and she has had her own things but nothing nearly as bad as him. And you know what? Emails, and all the other crap about her that has come out is nothing in comparison to what he has done and who he is. She is a leader and he clearly is not.

And I am sick and tired of hearing what Bill Clinton has done. Why are they leaking stuff about him? HE ISN’T RUNNING. WTF?

It is like going and digging up anything they can find about Trump’s wife and because it is easier to pick on Bill (because he was president and has a lot of media attention from the past) they just harped on that. But why would anyone care what Trump’s wife or Bill has done. Are we voting for them? No. Do they have any leadership and/or power? No. So…. Wtf?

When we thought it was the US waiting in terror to find out who won – it was actually countless people all around the globe. And when there was word that Trump won, it felt like the entire world felt it and it was a bad vibration that just rippled its way all around the whole world.

There is only one set of people who stands to benefit from Trump being president and that is rich white males. That’s it.

But what he doesn’t realize is that our great nation thrives on the fact that we all have a rich heritage and that immigration is how most of us got here – in some way – unless you are a Native American – you had a relative come from another country and settle in the US.

Personally I had my genetics tested and I am mostly Italian (35.4%) and then I am very broadly European with a small percentage of roots in other countries from other continents. Somehow I am mostly Italian and everyone who sees me thinks I am from northern Europe or Ireland – pale skin, natural blonde hair, blue eyes.

If my great-grandparents didn’t come through Ellis Island, have a sponsor, and take root in Massachusetts; I wouldn’t be here today. They didn’t know English, they only knew Italian. They learned enough words to get by. My great-grandfather had a beautiful garden and he and the kids sold fresh produce from the garden to make ends meet.

They were immigrants looking to start a new life for themselves, to grow a family and to take root in our great nation like millions of people are trying to do. It takes guts, bravery, and great inner strength to leave your country for a new (and usually and hopefully better) home. They wanted their children to grow up in America and to have a life full of what we call “The American Dream”.

But Trump doesn’t see that.

And unless he is 100% Native American, then he has roots in other countries – which means – down his family lineage someone immigrated here. And if they didn’t then he wouldn’t be here. And the same goes for his family, his wife, and his children.

When news hit that he won it is like billions of people around the world’s heart stopped at the same time. Like the ripple effect happened but more of a shock wave – and with our instincts we don’t know whether to run to another country (flight), stay (fight), be shocked into not knowing what to do – no movement, no thought, barely even breathing (freeze), or we just happen to take an approach of “we will make the most of it and blend in, see how it goes” (fusion).

Personally I have been mostly in freeze mode with a huge amount of thorough confusion.

This doesn’t just affect us in the US – it affects everyone around the entire globe. The people, the governments, the fights for freedom, the economy’s, the stock markets, trade deals, and so much more.

This isn’t like when Bush won and we were just bummed about it and we just accepted it.

This is HUGE. This is life altering.

A man who hates other cultures and countries; a man who is backed by some not-so-good people; a man who doesn’t like women (at ALL) – is – who was elected. He is going to set us back so much and we could end up in a horrid recession that will be worse than any other prior to it and where he hates other nationalities and ethnicities chances are he is going to piss someone off and get us attacked. And because he is so lax about bombing countries, he is probably going to end up killing a lot of highly innocent people. BUT – if you have a crap load of money and it is coming out of your ears you have so much and you happen to be white and a male – you are likely going to be just fine. Everyone else will suffer though.

And so my other beef is how the popular vote isn’t even counted in full when the numbers come in. And how it takes days for them to be counted and yet we know the Electoral College voted prior to even knowing what the people wanted. What is up with that?

And what I think is truly amazing because we have never seen this before – is that people are rallying, petitioning, hash tagging, being vocal, and more about how he is NOT our president. How – we did not elect him. And how we want Hillary and how we have made so many strides in the right direction (with still a ways to go) and now we are at a huge risk of going either back to square one, or even worse – him creating such a hostile world that no one is safe and it is like WWII all over again – because he has that prejudice, misogynist, bigoted, asshole ridden, evil, within him. In addition, so many people are looking into moving to Canada that their immigration website crashed. New Zealand saw a drastic increase in web hits that night as well and a co-worker told me that an airline is offering 75% off flights to Canada to make our move easier and less expensive.

I have a deep fear for our country and even the world right now.

BUT there is STILL HOPE. In mid-December the Electoral College gets to place their finalized vote. (Apparently this Election Day was kind of a “semi-final”) and so I believe it is December 19, 2016 and they CAN CHANGE their vote. I am SO hoping and praying that this gets overturned. And I hope that they see the news of what it is doing to people and countries worldwide. The negative impact it has had on our world – and it has only been 2 days!

It has never been a more important time to realize that as people and living beings on this planet – that we are all connected like a grid and that what happens to us has an impact on others. Distance in miles doesn’t matter. We are all connected as souls, as beings, as spirits, and in our hearts.

I ask that everyone pray and send good vibes out regarding getting the election overturned. Pray, send Reiki, send manifestations, send hugs, whatever you can do energetically and with great love and positive intention – do it.
You don’t have to like Hillary at all … but the world is already suffering after 2 days… Imagine what it will be like after 1,460 days? We cannot have this man be our leader, we just can’t.

We are all love, we are all beings on this planet and we are all connected. So let’s pool our energy together in love and light and healing and hope for a better outcome come December 19.

Namaste. (Which can mean “welcome” but can also mean “the spirit in me, recognizes and respects the spirit in you.)

P.S. I don’t think Trump thought he was going to win either. My initial impression of the last two days is that he is dumbfounded right now. He was likely so pent up about how it was rigged against him and how he wasn’t going to concede, etc. that when he found out he had to do this he was in shock. And with how he is being quoted in the news and the like about needing help and guidance from others in politics and from leaders- he had no idea. – Just something else he wasn’t prepared for.