The New Moon and Our Cycles, Creativity, Women’s Health, New Beginnings and Letting Go


Tonight we have a New Moon. When the moon goes into darkness, almost to rest and be peaceful within herself. It too is a time for us (especially women) to look inward and contemplate intuitively our wants, dreams and desires. It is also a peaceful time where we need rest, relaxation, peace in our lives and simplicity. That feeling of being cozy on a winters night, wrapped in a blanket in front of the warm glow of a fireplace while we sip hot cocoa is the vision I get. We want deep nurturing and deep nourishment and to let our bodies go through their monthly cycle in peace.

Find time tonight (and any day the new moon falls on) to rest, nourish and nurture yourself and go inward. I think you will find it deeply rewarding.

[Researched, read,  channeled, intuitive and contemplative]

I read that the new moon is a time for us to let things go. [I apologize. Unfortunately this reference escapes me as it was so long ago but if anyone knows what author and/or book, please email me and I will reference it asap. It could be Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette or another spiritual teacher.] The said when the moon goes into darkness it is our time to release what no longer serves our highest good and start the new moon cycle with less energetic weight on us. I read that we need to visualize the moon and her spirit, taking everything we want to let go of and watch it drift away with her. And then we wake up and start fresh – a new beginning – in the morning. And we can do this every new moon.

I am not saying we have to wait for a new moon to let things go. This is something we can do at any time. But if we do it the night before or the night of a new moon, it ends up being carried stronger. The energy for it is stronger.

Dr. Christine Northrup tells us about how we as women are governed by the moon and how strong our intuitions really are. As females we have so much intuition and energy for healing and all kinds of creative and spiritual work. It lies in all of us (men too) but as women, this is a big part of our natural being. A beautiful part of us that lights our spirit. She also talks about how our menstrual cycle is governed by the moon and how our cycle usually starts around the time of the new moon. I find that incredibly interesting, especially in correlation with what I channeled above. That time of deep inward nourishment and contemplation to be left in peace with ourselves and also having our monthly cycle can be very spiritual and frankly, awesome.

I went to a Naturopathic Physician at the Bamboo Clinic in Brookline, MA (has since moved to Oregon) back in 2006 who was right about everything (more on that in a different post), and recently I looked into something she told me to do but I never tried it until recently.

I searched online for it without knowing its exact term and I am thankful that there are ND’s on the internet these days and that they share this information. It is called “Seed Cycling”. We take specific oils and eat specific seeds during specific times of the lunar cycle to balance our hormones and get our body into a good hormone rhythm. One ND, that I reference below, says it can take 4 cycles before you notice a difference.

I have tried taking fish oil and found it not only has lowered my lipid panel (cholesterol, trigs, etc.) but I find I am calmer when I take it. I didn’t know it did that, but I guess it does. And it wasn’t until after I started it that I read about its anti-anxiety affects from a Prevention Guide on Anxiety.

Personally, I tried some seed cycling but upon discussing it with my doctor and the hormone imbalances I have with regards to the endometriosis we nixed the Evening Primrose oil and kept only fish oil. Now I am only taking fish oil and I have also nixed flaxseeds. I will go into further detail about why in another post.

But for now, remember that tonight is a New Moon. It could be the start of your cycle, the time to let something go, the start of a new beginning, the time to gain more hormonal balance, to go deeper intuitively within our beings and more.

Happy New Moon everyone.