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Totally Inspired – Donate to HAND IN HAND for Hurricane and Natural Disaster Relief #HANDINHAND

As I have watched updates from The Weather Channel regarding Hurricane Harvey and Irma and the 8.1 magnitude earthquake (and Hurricane Katia) that struck Mexico; I saw community and love come from each disaster. There is no doubt the damage (physical, emotional, monetary, and the like) that occurred as a result of these natural disasters. And there is no doubt that it will take time to rebuild. But every time something happens – whether it be a natural disaster or a terrorist attack or something else – we always band together to raise money, to give support, to show and give unconditional love, and to pray and help everyone affected.

Tonight there was a live broadcast of HAND IN HAND 2017 – where people, communities and celebrities gathered to sing, speak, pledge and raise money to help everyone affected by natural disasters. It was beautiful. Did I donate? Yes. Did my father donate? Yes. It is time for you to donate. Whether you have $5 or $5 million, every dollar counts. When the telethon broadcast ended, they had already raised over 14 million dollars. Telephone lines will be open for donations throughout the night. And a replay of the broadcast is set to air at 8pm PST.

Call 1 (800) 258-6000 to donate using a credit card

Calls are toll-Free from U.S. States, U.S. territories and Canada

Text GIVE to 80077 to give $25.

You can also donate through the website here:

If you cannot get through and the line is busy – keep trying!! Or you can text or go online to donate.