9 Ways Cleaning Can Improve Your Life and Your Energy

Have you ever felt [energetically] how a room or house feels right after you cleaned it? It feels fresh, new, open, clean, renewed, and overall – just awesome. We are more motivated to do things, the air is cleaner and things overall are just flowing nicely.

Sometimes spiritually we need to clean and clear clutter to change the energy of our home. Sometimes mentally we are feeling stuck or congested and the way to clear it out is to clean and get organized. And sometimes we get motivated to move more when we have more space to move around in, better air to breathe, etc. And emotionally, we may feel “clearer” about what we want and how we feel when our environment isn’t so dusty and cluttered.

So cleaning has many benefits.

One of the many steps I recommend in an individual’s psychic development is to clean their home and/or room. They can do one room at a time if they want or just clean the entire house all at once. The reason I recommend they do this is because old energy, stagnant energy and sometimes negative or unwanted energy sits in dust and clutter. It makes everything feel stale or unhealthy. And so when we take the time to dust, clean and declutter we are opening up our environment, cleaning and clearing our energy and thus improving how clear we are energetically as well.

Let’s not forget that I also recommend – even in the winter – that we open our windows. Even just for 5-10 minutes here and there to get new air to circulate around the home. When our windows are closed and we aren’t letting any air to circulate, the air too can get cluttered and stale. And that is what we don’t want.

I was told once during acupuncture that if my room wasn’t clean and if it was a mess, dusty and disorganized that in order for me to help lessen my congestion, and be clearer minded (less fogged up with congestion) I needed to clean my room. That weekend, I did and it helped tremendously.

I find a big cleaning (like a spring cleaning) is something we need to do with each change in seasons. We may clean, dust, open windows, maybe rearrange furniture, introduce new scents in our diffusers, dust our natural crystals and rearrange them as well, and more. And then we feel better. This is also a great time to sort out things you don’t need or want. You can have yard sales, set up donations and even toss things that you cannot donate or sell.

And metaphorically, by clearing clutter, you are opening up more room – which opens more energy around you for new things. It is like when you clean out a closet and now you have all this space you didn’t have before that is open for new things, new stuff, etc. The same thing goes for your environment as it does for your energy. The same thing goes for letting go of the past, people, situations and the like (another topic for a separate post) but letting go in this way, opens you up more, and frees your energy for new and better things.

So when you feel the vibe to clean – go for it.

Cleaning can:

  • Improve the flow of energy in your home.
  • Declutter your home and make your living environment feel better and function better
  • A cleaner bedroom may be easier to sleep in
  • Always check Feng Shui for optimal placements of furniture and the like.
  • Dusting clears energy – especially if we open windows. This will allow the old stuck energy to move out and the new clean, clear energy to move in.
  • We can feel mentally and/or emotionally clearer once we clean, dust and/or declutter.
  • We may feel better physically as the environment we live in will have better energy, air and free flowing movement than when it was dusty, cluttered, or stagnant. And you may find your motivation has come back.
  • You may also experience less allergy symptoms if you are allergic to or sensitive to dust.
  • Your mood could improve because your living space has been positively altered. You would be surprised how your environment can alter how you feel.
  • And much more.

Don’t be afraid to let the cleaning vibe take over. Whether it is for a few minutes, a few hours, or an entire weekend – each minute counts. And the work you do cleaning, dusting, decluttering, getting rid of things you don’t use anymore, donating what you can, opening the windows to let new air in and more – all have so many benefits to your body, mind, spirit and emotion. It will be worth it.

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