45 Day Distant Reiki Challenge


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What is it? You will receive distant Reiki one time per day for 45 days straight.

Reiki is a gentle, loving, energy from the universe that helps us relax and be calmer, less stressed and it helps our bodies heal itself naturally. I truly believe that Reiki gives our body the relaxation and stress reduction it needs so we can heal and it also provides us some extra energy so we can use that energy in place of energy that might not be optimal (like energy that is stuck, stagnant, unwell and the like.)

You will also have access to a special forum where you will find affirmations, exercises, visualizations, and FAQ’s.

There are two payment options:

  1. One full payment of $717.00 (Save $11.00 if you purchase in full.)
  2. 7 automatic payments of $104, made weekly through automatic payments. ($728.00 total)

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