My name is Jess and I have been reading people for the last 9 years and 11.5 months. I started reading people on Halloween night of 2007 – I know – freaky and “stereotypical” but after being validated as a medium and intuitive to the nines – I figured the best way to start doing readings would be on a day when most would be “open” to it the most. So I figured – why not Halloween?

​When I was little (about 7 years old) I heard what sounded like people walking around my room at night. I could see premonitions and spirits clairvoyantly as well as dream premonitions. At one point it got to being that I would hand someone the phone and tell them who it was – 10 seconds before it rang. I knew when something bad was going to happen because when my dreams correlated with real life something bad would happen after the dream-portion ended. I was only in the 5th grade at this point, but I knew I had to start paying attention to my dreams. -And with all of this happening and freaking me out – sleep started becoming hard to come by – especially restful sleep.

​As I grew older and life threw me some lemons the size of watermelons, my spiritual side kind of got put on the back burner. Somewhere around the time I was in college my spiritual side started becoming more prominent. It is worth mentioning that as a kid I always had an interest in things like crystals, astrology, zodiac, horoscopes, celestial, space – even the weather. I was also considered a flower child by everyone around me because I was into glow-in-the-dark stars to put on my ceiling, headbands, tie dye everything, peace signs, yin yang symbols, The Beatles, playing piano and enjoying much of what the 70’s had to offer. And there was a point in time when things got so spooky in my room spiritually that I figured I would try to write to John Lennon in a composition notebook [leave a pen in it] and see if he responded. After several attempts, I was never written back.

In September [2007] while taking 7 classes, an internship, and working part time as the library IT assistant; I had a reading done by a semi-well known medium. Without my telling her anything – the first thing she said was how I was a medium, how I had 6 spirits around me, and she went on to say how I had to start reading people, go to the bookstore and get a deck of cards, etc. – So I did.

I got my first deck of cards, read the guidebook, and started reading myself. It was after about a month I decided to start reading others for free. I asked my RA if I could put up signs and offer readings in the dorms for the girls (at the time it was an all girl’s school) and she said, sure!

Halloween night 2007 I had one person come to me and without her saying anything, her dad came through. I did a reading for her with cards and channeling and I didn’t read anyone for a couple of days after that. It only took probably 3 days before girls started writing their names on my whiteboard [on my door] and where they would be – if they could get a reading. And word started growing quickly. Some nights I would read 6 girls – all of the readings accurate, all of them [myself included] amazed at what I knew [and I didn’t know any of them].

I graduated in December, and figured I would try my hand at online readings through eBay, reading friends, family, etc. and creating a website.

And in 2008 I got the calling to start learning Reiki. I had already started dipping into holistic health, nutrition, fitness, and energy healing but Reiki was calling me loudly. In 2009 I found a great Reiki teacher and that year I earned both my level 1 and 2 Reiki certifications. In 2012 I earned my Reiki Master Teacher certification and in 2013 my Karuna Ki Reiki Certification. I am planning on taking another Reiki Master Teacher Certification this year (already enrolled) just so I can brush up and learn some new things from a new teacher. –There is so much to learn and learning from others is awesome!

Finally, I am also very creative and love hand-making my own products. I have a great love for art of many mediums, crafting in many mediums, photography, web design, graphic design, writing, and so much more. This website is a culmination of everything I do and everything I love and enjoy.

I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to offer you services of many kinds.

​I am happily engaged to a wonder man – with whom I plan to happily spend the rest of my life with. He is indeed awesome – just like I asked for and affirmed to myself as the person I was looking for. And we have been together since Spring 2008.

My following has since grown quite a lot over the last few years. I am thankful to those who support me.

​- I am sure some of you are wondering what “abilities” I have, etc. –

Well, here it goes – intuitive to the nines – yes: psychic (a real one), medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairalient, empath, medical intuitive, astral traveler, energy healer (in person and distant of 13+ modalities). I can intuitively connect with most realms – angels, archangels, guides, spirits (loved ones passed on, animals living and passed on, etc.), goddesses, saints, ascended masters, positive deities from many world religions, shamans, animal totem spirits, faeries, earth beings, and more. I am well connected to the world and its state, the people on our planet, our weather and earth happenings, and more. I am also a lightworker, energy worker, automatic writer, channeler, manifester. I can help you manfiest things, I can help you with your psychic development by channeling what you need to do to develop, I can read you for anything – health (no diagnosis), life happenings, money/finances, love (I don’t know who anyone’s soul mates are specifically by name), relationships, life’s purposes, moves/locations, jobs/careers, seeing paths for people’s lives and what they look like now, what they did look like before, if they are on the right track, what a decision would potentially look like in the future and more. I can also help you with paranormal situations, cleansing and clearing, grounding, instructing you on what to do with your unique/individual paranormal situation and more.

The list is basically endless. I don’t connect with anything bad or negative because I don’t want to.

The numbers are – roughly 600-700 people read (free and paid), over 250-300 premonitions validated, and well over 300 testimonials (that I haven’t updated in ages).

If you have any questions – all you have to do is reach out to me. I typically answer within 48 hours.

​I look forward to our future communication.

Lots of Love & Light,

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