You might be wondering what I mean by my title: Doing Things Differently – Now Happily Dedicating at Least 4 Hours Daily to This Work.

The simple answer is – I used to do this on the side and whenever the mood struck me – which wasn’t very often- I am not going to lie. But in recent months spirit and the universe have called out to me louder and louder each time. Despite my reservations and fears concerning putting myself out there again (the reason for the hesitation and lack of wanting to put things on here), spirit and the universe say I need to. It is part of my life’s purpose. When we set aside our fears and we see clearer – through our true self and our true vision and not looking through the lens of fear and insecurity – we see what we need to do.

Which is why I am implementing my rule – at least 4 hours of online work like this per day (5 days per week). This not only means that content will be added on a very regular basis but it also means your services (Readings, etc.) will be getting done sooner and with more solid set dates and times than in the past.

When we decide to put our reservations and fears on the back burner and we lift the fog of doubt, fear, insecurity, and the opinions of others that might come up over time (negative people, trolls, etc.) we see that we need to allow ourselves to let our light shine. These people will always be there and there isn’t a moment in time when someone’s good work and nature are being criticized somewhere. So accepting this as how things are – I am devoting at least 4 hours, 5 days per week to my work.

It is time to let my light shine bright. And always remember – there is light even in the darkness.


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