August 2017


Readings – What Is the Difference Between What I Want to Know and What I Need to Know? Am I Being Validated?

What Is the Difference Between What I Want to Know and What I Need to Know for a Reading? Am I Being Validated?

I have been asked over the years “why do you give clients the opportunity to ask questions as part of their email reading?”

The answer is simply that email readings are channeled and done through channeling and automatic writing (through clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairalience, clairsentience, empath feeling, clairaudience and more)and when I channel information, I ask your guides and mine that you get information that you NEED to know.

Because I am channeling information you need to know – it is also likely that you have things you want to know too. So not all information you want to know will come out – only what you need to know in that moment. This is where “questions” come in. Giving you questions or concerns that you want touched upon gives you a window to gain both types of information – things you need to know and things you want to know. 80% of the time, what you need to know correlates with what you want to know – meaning, when I channel for you (before I read your questions) most of the time your questions are answered within the channeling portion. But then I further elaborate on them individually in the questions section.

What you need to know:

This is purely information given to you through channeling. It isn’t preplanned or asked about. It is information that your guides and mine feel you need to know in that moment. It might not be what you wanted to know about, but it is what they felt was important for you to know in that moment. And it is worth noting; sometimes what we need to know isn’t what we want to hear. Maybe we aren’t ready to hear the truth of our situation(s) but over time we usually end up figuring it all out and become ready to make the changes, improvements or are accepting of things, information, situations, etc.

What you want to know:

Most of us have things we want to know or concerns we have in life that we want touched upon. Because these concerns we have may not come out in the channeling portion of the reading, I offer you questions so you can have these specific areas touched upon regardless of what is channeled. It is worth noting here too that the answers to your questions or concerns, may not be what you want to hear. Sometimes we get answers to things that we think are absurd because we aren’t ready to hear it, or deal with it. But over time, we end up learning, accepting and being ready for things in our own time.


I would also say that most of the time, readings from me serve as a validation for what you already feel, think, sense, or know. Sometimes you are kind of thrown a “curve ball” or something you weren’t expecting, but I would say 75% of the time, I am validating what you already know or what you are looking for validation on. And most of the time I have no idea what you want to know about – questions are optional. So you can be validated by me – through a reading – without my having any information about you (except your first name and where to email the reading to).

12 Benefits of Receiving a Reading via Email

What are the benefits of an email reading?

  1. You do not have to take time out of your day or your busy schedule to receive the reading. This means you will have the reading done on the day you pick (not the specific time) and you don’t have to worry about scheduling around work, errands, childcare, and the like. Your reading comes to you in your inbox.
  2. You have the reading forever – as long as you don’t delete it.
  3. You can reference your reading whenever you want – again, as long as you don’t delete it.
  4. You can ask follow up questions pertaining to your reading and the information given to gain clarity over the information you received.
  5. Most email readings come with an allotment of questions. For example: if you want a Standard Email Reading, which comes with 5 questions, you get to request 5 questions get answered as part of your reading. This way, while I am doing your reading, I will answer and touch base on all of your individual questions and concerns. Please keep in mind, not all readings come with questions – but most do. The types of questions you ask are usually open to a broad range (essentially you can ask anything) unless it is a specialty reading like a Medical Intuitive Reading – which only permits questions pertaining to health and healing.
  6. Having the ability to think about the questions you ask before asking is great. I have received readings via email before as well, and I find I like being able to take my time (without restrictions) and come up with questions on topics that matter the most to me.
  7. No time limits or restrictions. I don’t limit myself to a strict time limit (for example: 25 minutes). This makes my job more flexible and I can let the energy flow and type away without worrying about the clock or trying to race to get something finished.
  8. No “cut offs”. Similar to when we have regular appointments, it is often we get “cut off” (for lack of a better terminology) when our time is up. And I totally respect and understand it. And while I may offer other services with time limits and constrains in the future – these readings have the flexibility of no cut offs because the time is only up when I feel the reading is over. Not because the clock went off.
  9. No “settling” for energy and connections. I enjoy doing readings via email because I can do them when I feel the best energy for them. When I feel the strongest, healthiest, most connected and just well aligned for them. I don’t like being restricted to a specific date and time because the quality of your reading could suffer if I am not feeling optimal during that specific time.
  10. Most readings come with a Microsoft Word Document and/or a PDF document. This gives you the ability to save your reading to your desktop or elsewhere for safe keeping. Not all readings come with documents, but if you received a reading that didn’t come with a document attached (and you wanted a document), just let me know and I can quickly make you one and email it to you free of charge.
  11. You don’t have to worry about forgetting all of the information you received. I know when I get counseling, readings, or advice from anyone I have to write it down – otherwise I will forget 5 minutes after the appointment is over. With email readings, so long as they weren’t deleted, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your information.
  12. You can use your email reading for your research too. Chances are, not all of the information given to you will be “smack you in the face” “holy bajeebers” type information. Some might take some time to happen (like future predictions), some might take some research (like into family or friends who have come through that you may not have known in this life), and more. So having this reference for your own research and future correlating is quite valuable.

Doing Readings Online – How Do You Do Them? 6 Common Questions Answered:

Doing readings online – how do you do them?

6 Common questions answered:

  1. How do you read people online? Being very sensitive the energy of others, I can sense and read the energy of anyone so long as they request it. Once you get a reading from me, you are giving me permission to “access” your aura (your energy field) and communicate with your loved ones who have passed on and the like. Essentially, all I do is open your email (with your name and questions – if you have any) and I just start typing.
  2. How are readings conducted? Most of the time I open up a blank MS Word document, save it with your name on it and the date, and then I just start typing what I am feeling, seeing, hearing, sensing, and the like about you, your loved ones who have passed on and the like. Sometimes readings are done via email messages (and no document is created – I can make you one if you one if you want) in that instance, I just think about you and start typing.
  3. What method of reading people do you use? Usually automatic writing. I just think, feel, see, sense, hear, etc. and I just type everything I am getting for you. Most of the time, after I channel information for you, I will draw some cards for you (I will tell you which deck most connected to your energy and called out to you) and I will interpret them for you too. Then I will go to my email, and see if you had questions – at that point, I will read them and channel answers to your questions.
  4. Do you remember information after you send the reading? Most of the time I do not remember what I told someone or what they told me. It all happens in the moment, and I don’t typically recall very much. If anything I remember 10% at the most.
  5. Do you ever redo a reading? Rarely. If I am feeling “off” that day and if I am not feeling very satisfied with the reading I sent you, then I will redo it. But the chance of that is very slim and close to 1 out of every 150-200 readings. The reason the percentage is so low is because I typically choose “good energy days” to do readings – when I feel my best to do them – and so in that instance they likely won’t have to get redone.
  6. Do you practice confidentiality? Yes. I don’t share your information with anyone. The only exception to this rule is if I feel you may harm yourself or someone else. In that instance I will report it.